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Weather Blog

Date: 3/9/2015

Title: A Taste of Spring

After a very cold and snowy first week of March, most of the nation will be able to enjoy a well deserved reprieve in the harsh winter weather that has impacted most of the nation from the Rockies to the east coast over the past couple of weeks.
While there will be some snow/rain in some areas of the Northeast and Mid Atlantic this week, we are not expecting any major storm systems. Also, temperatures will moderate to spring like levels in many locations across the United States.
The warmer temperatures will be welcomed by many and will aid in the melting of ice and snow in many areas.
The amount of snow and cold over the past several weeks reminds us of last winter. Once again, the ice extent on the Great Lakes is at record levels.




Is this warming trend during the second week of March a harbinger of more warmth to come this month? Unfortunately, the answer is no. While it will be warmer and spring like over the next week to ten days, it is likely just a pause in the action before stormy weather kicks in again mid to late in the month.
Between now and the early portions of next week, stormy weather will be developing in the Pacific and will begin to head east, there will also be a buildup of some colder air over many areas of Canada. Once the Pacific storms begin to move into the United States and pull cold air south out of Canada, unsettled and winter like weather may return to many areas of the lower 48 states.
Therefore, beef producers will want to take advantage of and enjoy the warmer and spring like weather that is coming this week before unsettled and colder weather returns by the middle of next week and beyond.
The changes next week will begin the Pacific Northwest and Northern Plains before pushing south into the Northern and Central Rockies and then east in the Midwest Great Lakes and Corn Belt.  

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