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Date: 3/16/2015

Title: Winter Not Going Down Easy

This past weekend, winter returned to portions of New England where more snow fell and snowfall records were broken.
On Sunday, Boston received more snow which pushed their seasonal snow total to 108.6 inches! This surpasses the winter of 1995-1996 where 107.6 inches of snow was measured. Believe it or not, Boston and New England could be under the gun for more snow before spring arrives for good. The next three weeks may once again bring more opportunity for colder than normal temperatures and more chances for snow.
Despite the recent trend of warmer weather across the country over the past week, expect a more unsettled and cooler weather pattern across the United States this week and into next week.
Beef producers in the Great Lakes, New England and Midwest be prepared for some colder temperatures and some increasing chances for rain/snow by the end of this week and into the weekend. 
The recent spell of very mild temperatures in the far west and Rockies will be tempered somewhat this week and next with cooler temperatures and some rain/snow chances, however, precipitation amounts through the weekend and into early next week.
There may be some better chances for colder temperatures and better chances for some spring snows in the far west and Rockies by next week and into early April.
Indications in the long term suggest a trend toward colder temperatures and better chances for rain/snow in the western High Plains and Rockies and perhaps the west coast by the end of March and well into early April. Therefore, for stock growers in the Rockies and far west who have enjoyed a nice spell of mild, spring like weather recently, don’t be surprised when you see a return to colder and wet weather at the end of March and deep into the month of April.


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