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Date: 5/26/2015

Title: June Outlook

The month of May will go down as a very memorable month for many in the Central and Southern Plains, Rockies and High Plains in regards to record amounts of rain in many areas. In particular, rainfall was excessive in most of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Some portions of Texas and Oklahoma received over two feet of rain. While the excessive rainfall was damaging and caused many problems it also helped erase many square miles of drought that remained since the very dry year of 2012.
Dry areas of the western High Plains and Central Rockies experienced a top ten May in regards to precipitation. In locations in the High Plains and Central Rockies experienced the wettest May on record.
On the other extreme, it was warmer and drier in the east and especially the southeast. Rainfall was skimpy for beef producers in many southeastern states and Mid Atlantic.
Portions of the Pacific Northwest were dry as well, however, May was not a bad month for California as decent amounts of rain and Sierra snows fell in many areas of California.
Let’s know take a look at what the month of June might bring to beef producers across the United States. To get a grasp on June’s weather, it is important to remember what happened in May as big increase in soil moisture profiles in many areas of the central areas will impact temperatures in June.
The warm waters off the Pacific coast will also influence temperatures in the far west keeping the Pacific Norwest, California and the interior west warmer than normal in June. The graphic below highlights our forecast for temperatures in June.



A ribbon of cooler than normal temperatures will extend from Texas and eastern New Mexico north to eastern Colorado, western Kansas, western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming as high soil moisture and an active thunderstorm pattern will keep that area cool and continued wet in June. Another area of warmer and drier than normal conditions will be found across the southeast including Florida.

June is likely going to be another wet month for many of the same areas that had a wet May, this is likely going to result in an overall cool summer for many in the central and south-central areas of the U.S. 

The Corn Belt and Midwest areas will have a “Goldilocks” June with warm temperatures and occasional well timed rains which will help early crop development.



 All but the far west and Pacific Northwest has a good chance for average to above average amounts of precipitation in June.

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