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Date: 6/23/2015

Title: End of June Heat

Temperatures have soared in the western U.S. over the past several days. Temperatures west of the Rockies have been above normal since June 1, especially in the Pacific Northwest, California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Over the past few days some of that heat has moved in the Central and Southern Rockies.

Beef producers in the far west should be prepared for more heat for the last days of June and into the first half of July. In particular, be ready for more hot weather in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.
The hottest areas, in regards to deviations from normal will be in the Pacific Northwest. Stock growers in the Pacific Northwest, especially eastern Oregon and Washington, should be prepared for some very hot weather in the coming weeks along with very little of any good chance for rain.
The graphic below highlights the areas of hot temperatures in the far west and northwest over the next two weeks.




Some of the heat will spread eastward into the central and southern Rockies and into some of the western High Plains over the next two weeks as well. However, farther to the east temperatures across the Midwest, Upper Plains and Corn Belt will not be as hot in the coming weeks.
All indications suggest that as we head into July the hottest temperatures across the lower 48 states will be confined to the far west (Pacific Northwest, California and Desert Southwest) while areas from the east slopes of the Rockies east into the Midwest and Corn Belt will likely be cooler in July and more wet.
Warmer than normal water temperatures along the west coast will aid in the warmth across the far west as well as the dryness.


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