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Weather Blog

Date: 9/14/2015

Title: Subtle Changes Coming

The first half of September was quite warm for most of the nation as summer has been extended into many areas of the nation from the Rockies to the Atlantic coast. The warmth has been welcomed in some parts of the nation as the heat has helped pushed some crops in the Midwest and Corn Belt to the finish line.
The warm and dry September weather has not helped with the far western drought, although some cooler and wet weather earlier this month did bring some relief to the hot and dry Pacific Northwest. The latest drought monitor below shows the severe drought conditions in California extending northward into the Pacific Northwest.


The graphic below shows the worsening drought conditions in the Pacific Northwest and portions of the Northern Rockies over the past 90 days.  The graphic below also shows no change in drought status across California over the past three months. 



As we look ahead over the next couple of weeks we will start to see some shots of cooler air move into the nation as we will see a more active northern jet stream. A stronger and more active jet stream this time of year is to be expected by the middle to the end of the month  as seasons begin to change.
Some welcomed cool and wet weather will move into the Pacific Northwest and portions of the Rockies by the middle to the end of the week. The cooler temperatures and some showers will spread eastward into the Corn Belt and Midwest by the end of the week.
There are hints of another shot of colder temperature arriving to many areas of the west and central states by the middle of next week.
Summer will be hanging on for a little longer, however, the writing on the wall suggesting colder temperatures and more early fall weather could be on the way in the coming weeks.

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