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Weather Blog

Date: 9/30/2015

Title: October Changes

A large portion of the nation has experienced a very warm September, especially in the Rockies and the northern plains and the far west. However, change is in the air with colder temperatures due to arrive by late this week and into the weekend across many areas of the west and central areas of the U.S.and spreading east and south by the weekend and next week.
Although no severe cold is expected, temperatures will be quite a bit colder relative to the very warm temperatures witnessed by many in September. It will be cold enough for a little bit of snow in the Rockies of the central and north this weekend and early next week.
Significant rainfall in the Desert Southwest and Southern Rockies could be a possibility as well.
While there are conflicting forecasts for October from a variety of sources, we continue to expect a transition to colder weather pattern for most of nation from the Rockies and points east during at least the first two weeks of the month. There are many forecasts in place for a warm October, however, expect those to change in the next week or two.
Complicating the outlook across the southern tier of the U.S. will be an influx of more subtropical moisture moving through Mexico and into the Desert Southwest and Rockies later this week and next week. Beef producers should also be prepared for wet weather at across the Gulf Coast states from Texas east to Florida as well as other southeastern stations. We continue to closely watch the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Coast for future development of tropical storm activity. Those areas continue to have favorable upper air and warm water patterns that could lead to tropical storm or hurricane development in October.

Beef producers across the U.S. should be prepared for changes across most of the U.S. in the coming weeks. The warm and summer like weather we have experienced in September may have lulled some into thinking October may be the same, which is looking less and less likely as we get deeper into October. 


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