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Weather Blog

Date: 10/5/2015

Title: Seasonal Changes Underway

Although we have not had a big outbreak of cold weather yet during the early fall season, the writing is on the wall that colder weather is coming in the weeks ahead.
It was very warm September across North America, however, on the other side of the globe, it was cold and in the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere, snow is beginning to pile up. As you can see in the graphic below, Siberia, Alaska and far northern Canada have snow cover increasing over the past couple of weeks.  The combination of this snow cover combined with decreasing minutes of sunlight will cause an increasing buildup of cold air that will eventually drop south into the lower 48 states.  


In the weeks ahead, we are expecting more snow in the higher latitudes and an increased frequency in the number of cold fronts sweeping south out of Canada and south in the nation’s midsection and Great Lakes. Beef producers should be prepared for colder temperatures and an increasing chance for precipitation by the middle of the month. A major departure from the very warm temperatures in September will be greeting beef producers by the middle to the end of the month.
Some long range charts continue to suggest that some areas of the United States will have increasing precipitation in October and into November.




Precipitation may trend above normal in the Desert Southwest, portions of the southeast and possible there could be some good news for California as well. Central and southern California will have a good chance for increasing rain chances over the next 45 days.
Rain has fallen over portions of California over the past several days and more rain chances in California will be possible before this week is over.


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