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Weather Blog

Date: 10/19/2015

Title: Changing October Weather

The weekend brought some of the first snows and hard freezing temperatures to the Great Lakes and northeastern states as the seasons are finally beginning to turn.

While it was colder and a bit like winter in New England, some late season rains (some quite heavy) fell in southern California and other portions of the Desert Southwest. Flooding even took place in portions of Southern California and Nevada. The wet weather in the Desert Southwest this early fall season is an indicator that El Nino is having an impact and will continue to do so for the remaining fall season and into winter.
The graphic below shows the wet weather that has already occurred this October in the western states.



Beef producers in New England and the Great Lakes can expect rebounding temperatures this week and into the weekend, while colder and unsettled weather will develop in the Rockies and adjacent High Plains.  Cattlemen should be prepared for colder temperatures, rain and some snows in the northern and central Rockies late this week and into the start of the weekend. The very mild and dry weather in the Rockies and adjacent High Plains is about ready to end.
Snow in the mountains of Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Colorado will be possible late this week and into the start of the weekend.  The pattern will be colder and more unsettled heading into the last week of October and into the Halloween weekend across most of the lower 48 states.
Any more rain and mountain snows will be welcomed in the far west and Rockies and drought conditions persist and have expanded northward some over the past several weeks.



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