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Date: 12/22/2015

Title: Pattern Changes Coming for the New Year

While record warmth has been found across the eastern half of the nation this month, it has been colder, wet and stormy in the far west and Rockies. As we go through Christmas week and into the start of the New Year, the weather pattern will likely remain similar. However, just after the New Year the weather patterns will begin to shift. The shifting weather patterns will make for some changes heading into January across the United States.

It is not unusual to have a mild start to winter in a strong El Nino event and certainly that has been the case this month. However, as we approach and get past the New Year, you will notice an increase in colder weather across the central and eastern areas of the country as well as a very active southerly jet stream.
The southerly jet stream will begin to form around or just after the New Year. There will be increased storminess along the coast of California east across the Great Basin and the southern Rockies. The southerly jet stream will also bring enhanced storminess to the Southern Plains as well as the southeastern states.
As the southerly jet stream intensifies there will be an influx of Pacific moisture that will be driven eastward across the nation. The shifting jet stream will also allow the intrusion of colder air from Canada, south into the central and eastern areas of the U.S.
Therefore, despite what will be possible record warmth across the eastern areas of the country for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, colder weather and more active weather will arrive just after the New Year.
Beef producers in the central and east who have been enjoying the mild December weather should be prepared for a better chance at getting colder and wetter. 

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