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Weather Blog

Date: 8/1/2016

Title: July Dry Spots

Some dry spots are beginning to show up in some areas of the USA after some hot weather in July. This is especially true in areas of the west. The chart below shows the change in soil moisture from June 30 to July 31. 

Increased soil moisture developed over most of the Midwest and Corn Belt in July as well as portion of the Dakotas and Central Plains. Conversely, soil moisture took a hit in the Southeast, Southern Plains and portions of the Central and Southern Rockies.

The most recent drought monitor below highlights the areas that have developed some drought conditions. California continues to suffer severe drought conditions with areas in the southeast developing some dry pockets. In portions of northeastern Wyoming, western South Dakota and western Nebraska an area of growing drought conditions is a concern as we head into August.


Despite some monsoon rains in Arizona and New Mexico in late July, dryness has developed in those states as well. Drier than normal conditions in the Northeast and New England continue to persist.

August offers some hope for needed rain in some of the dry areas mentioned in this article, including the Central and Southern Rockies and the Dakotas/Nebraska as subtropical moisture is likely to have an easier time moving north into the nation’s midsection and west as compared to July.

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