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Weather Blog

Date: 1/3/2017

Title: A Very Cold Start to 2017

A coast to coast wave of cold is likely going to ring in the New Year as the jet stream is going to be pushing far south into the USA over the next one to two weeks. Very cold temperatures, very cold wind chills and snow will move into the northern half of the country early next week and will push far south into the central USA by the middle of next week.

It has already been a rough week in many areas of the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains with winter storm and blizzard conditions at times, especially across the Dakotas, Montana and portions of Wyoming and Nebraska. Stock growers need to be well prepared for more harsh winter weather conditions in the coming weeks.

The next wave of Arctic air is likely going to be felt over a very large and wide area beginning on New Year’s Day and then spreading south and east.  The Arctic air will push from the Pacific Northwest and eastward across the Northern Plains then reaching the Great Lakes and East Coast by the middle of the week.

Beef producers should make sure feed and fuel supplies are in good order. A spell of prolonged cold is likely across the northern half of the country for the first ten to fourteen days of January. In addition to the cold temperatures and wind chills there will be accumulating snows with this next wave of Arctic air.

Only the far southeastern states will be spared from the bouts of the severe cold over the next two weeks, however, even some areas of the southeast will experience periods of colder and wet weather conditions.


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