Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 1/30/2017

Title: Brief Pause in the Action

The past week has seen an easing in the intensity of the weather coast to coast. The constant barrage of storms hitting the west coast took a break and that in turn has led to a less stormy pattern across the lower 48 states for the past week.

The chart below shows snow cover across North America as of January 30. The deepest snow is in the far western mountains and valleys and the Northern Plains. Over the past week, snow cover finally increased in the Great Lakes and portions of the Appalachians. There is a distinct lack of snow cover across the Central/Southern Plains and wheat areas.

Is this a trend that will continue? Although February will be starting off a little less intense that January started, expect a return of colder and unsettled weather later this week and into this weekend and next week.

By late this week, another west coast storm will bring more rains and snows to Oregon, Washington and all of California. There will also be some colder air moving into the nation’s midsection. For beef producers in the eastern areas of the USA, expect colder temperatures and some rain and snow chances as well as the potential for one or two larger storms that could be strong in the Great Lakes, East Coast and some Mid-Atlantic states.


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