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Weather Blog

Date: 3/13/2017

Title: March Starting to Get More Active

March came in like a lamb over most of the lower 48 states with temperatures above normal in many areas and a lack of any significant storm systems. However, as the saying goes “March can come in like a lamb but out like a lion,” things can change very quickly this time of year.

Just ask folks in the urban corridor of the East Coast from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia to New York to Boston who will be experiencing a major winter storm this week.  After several weeks of above normal temperatures and spring like weather, heavy snows, bitter cold and wind will hit many areas of the east with cold, wind and some snow across portions of the Great Lakes and Midwest.

While the snow will fly and temperatures will plunge in the central and east, the far west will enjoy a period of warmer, spring like weather conditions. This is not all good news as there are some areas experiencing very dry conditions across the eastern portions of Colorado and many areas of Kansas and Oklahoma.  

The chart below shows precipitation over the past 90 days. The blue areas show precipitation amounts that are only around an inch or less since early December.

The blue areas of Colorado and Kansas highlight the dry areas that have seen some recent wildfire activity and poor soil moisture conditions.

Over the next week to ten days very mild and dry weather will continue in the Rockies, High Plains and far west, while colder and stormy weather will continue in the east.

However, by the early to middle portions of next week, expect a reversal in the weather pattern with colder and wet weather returning to the west while warmer conditions will return to the snow soaked east.


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