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Weather Blog

Date: 3/20/2017

Title: March Going Out Like a Lion Out West

While it has been cold and snowy in the Midwest and East over the past two weeks, it has been very mild and dry in many areas of the far west and central plains. However, big changes are coming this week that will result in a return to colder and wet weather in the west and some much needed precipitation is head toward many dry areas of eastern Colorado, western Kansas, Nebraska and possibly some areas of the Southern Plains. The graphic below shows temperatures between March 1 and March 18. The very warm temperatures in the west are a highlighted by the orange and red areas with the blue and green areas showing the colder temperatures in the north and east.

The precipitation that has fallen during that same period has been pretty light in the central and west as you can see below.

Very dry conditions have persisted for most of the winter across many areas of the Central and Southern Plains. Many areas of eastern Colorado and southwestern Nebraska have experience some wildfires in recent weeks due to dry, windy and warm weather.

However, there is hope that precipitation in many dry areas of the High Plains and Central Plains could be on the way. A major change in the jet stream will direct multiple storm systems  from the central and eastern Pacific and into the far west, Rockies and Plains.

California will have several more rounds of rain and Sierra snows and several of these storms will likely make it over the Continental Divide and into the Central Plains bringing rain, thunderstorms and some spring snows.

Beef producers with young and weak livestock should be prepared for a shift in the weather across the far west, Rockies and Plains that will result in colder and wet weather conditions over the next three weeks.


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