Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 4/24/2017

Title: A Look at the Southeast Dry Areas

The southeastern states ended last summer with many areas going into drought. However, by mid to late winter rains returned and alleviated some of the drought conditions in some areas.

Despite some needed rain this winter, many areas are still in drought status. The map below shows drought conditions as of April 18.

The worst drought areas are across northern Georgia as well as over many areas of Florida and Alabama. Florida has experienced a very dry and warm winter. In fact, March was one of the driest on record for Florida.

March 2017 was the 12th driest March on record for the Sunshine State. Although over the next couple of weeks rain chances are looking better for some of the southeastern states and portions of the Mid Atlantic we are concerned about drought conditions returning the southeastern states this summer as low soil moisture heading into the hotter months will exacerbate the already dry conditions.


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