Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 6/13/2017

Title: Areas of Dryness

The graphic below shows precipitation over the past 30 days across the central and western states. The white, green and blue areas show above normal precipitation while brown and gray show below normal precipitation since the middle of May. There is good news for the southeast where increased precipitation has eased the winter dryness some.

However, we are seeing a trend toward drier conditions in the heart of the Midwest and Corn Belt.  Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and portions of the Southern Plains have turned dry the last 30 days. Another area of concern is in the Northern Plains as the Dakotas, eastern Montana and portions of the Minnesota remain drier than normal.

Looking ahead over the next 45 days, some of these trends may continue.  Therefore, we have some concerns of some dry conditions continuing into the first half of July in some of the above mentioned areas.

Soil moisture conditions remain good in many areas despite the recent dryness, however, as you can see the Northern Plains and portions of the Corn Belt are showing some dry patches and soil moisture deficits.


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