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Weather Blog

Date: 8/2/2017

Title: Cool August?

The graphic below highlight temperature trends across North America over the past 60 days. The yellow and orange areas show above normal temperatures for the past two months and blue areas show where temperatures have been below normal.

The interior west, the Rockies and portions of the northern and central plains have been the hottest this summer as well as portions of the western Corn Belt. As we head into August, however, we are seeing some trends in the weather pattern that looks cooler, especially east of the Rockies as we head into the new month.

The area of hot air pressure that has been in the Rockies and Great Basin may drift a little west in August allowing some cooler Canadian air to move south in the central states.

The graphic below is a 45 day forecast that goes through the month of August and into early September. A large portion of the central USA, Rockies, Great Lakes and Corn Belt may experience cooler than normal temperatures in August.  Even the usual hot areas of the Southern Plains of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas could end the summer on a cooler than normal note.

The hottest areas will remain in the far west, Pacific Northwest and portions of the Great Basin.


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