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Weather Blog

Date: 11/16/2017

Title: Colder Weather Coming

The second half of November will be trending colder for many as shorter days, the falling water temperatures in the Pacific and the buildup of snow in the northern latitudes will finally tip the scales to colder Thanksgiving week and beyond.

The graphic below shows global sea surface temperatures anomalies as of November 10th. Blue areas represent colder than normal sea surface temperatures while yellow and orange show warm areas.

Notice the long swath of blue from the coast of South America westward along the equator. This is the developing La Nina pattern. However, sea surface temperatures are warmer than normal over the central and northern Pacific and the Atlantic.

We expect this overall pattern across the ocean basins to persist into the rest of November and into December and January. The warm spots will likely cool some in the coming weeks and months and if so, we are expecting the winter season (December through March) to end up like the graphic below.

The blue areas represent colder than normal temperatures, green above normal and white areas represent near normal temperatures. As you can see most of North America will be getting colder as well as many areas of Europe, Russia and central and eastern Asia.

Soon, winter weather will be setting in for many, get ready!

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