Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 11/20/2017

Title: La Nina Update

Sea surface temperatures continue to fall across the subtropical Pacific between South America and Australia. The falling temperatures indicate a strengthening La Nina. The graphic below shows sea surface temperatures across the globe. Blue and green areas represent colder than normal water temperatures with yellow and orange representing warmer waters relative to normal.

The area of blue and green has expanded across the equator area westward toward Indonesia. This impressive area of colder water will, as expected impact weather patterns across North America this winter.

The long-range models suggest La Nina (in a weak to moderate state) will persist through the winter and ease with warming water temperatures in spring.

With a strong likelihood of La Nina hanging around through winter, the odds of a turn to much colder temperatures later this month and December, in the north, central and east is looking more and more likely.

Beef producers from the Pacific Northwest, east to the Dakotas, Great Lakes and Corn Belt should be ready for a turn to more winter weather soon.

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