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Weather Blog

Date: 12/4/2017

Title: More Cold Signals in the Pattern

Last week we discussed how a transition toward much colder weather was going to develop in the month of December for most of the nation from the Rockies and points east. Our confidence remains high that beef producers need to be ready for winter weather in many areas after a mild November. 

Cold air has been building the high latitudes of Canada, Greenland and Siberia over the past several weeks and as the jet stream changes, a lot of that cold air will have easy access to the lower 48 states.

As a big area of high pressure develops along and just west of the west coast, cold air will get pushed south out of Canada and into the USA. The Northern Plains, Corn Belt and Midwest will experience the coldest temperatures of the season.

The graphic below plainly shows the area of high pressure along the west coast (orange) and the cold low pressure area (blue) centered over the eastern Great Lakes between December 14 and December 19. Cold air will easily move south out of the Arctic and Hudson Bay and into the lower 48 states.

This type of jet stream configuration can be quite stable and persistent. Beef producers from the Rockies to the Midwest to the Great Lakes should be prepared for much colder temperatures, ice and snow in the coming weeks and perhaps into early January.

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