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Weather Blog

Date: 1/2/2018

Title: Very Cold Temperatures for the New Year

By Don Day, Jr., Meteorologist

The anticipated change to sharply colder temperatures has taken place over the past week for a large part of the nation. Falling temperatures, ice and snow greeted many a Christmas time traveler and stock growers from the Rockies to the Plains and Great Lakes experienced the coldest temperatures of the winter season to date.

Beef producers need to be prepared for more cold and more snow as we head into the New Year. The coldest air will be centered over the Northern Plains and Great Lakes and by New Year’s Day into New England and portions of the East Coast.

Be prepared for very cold temperatures that may drop below zero along with subzero wind chill values. Periods of snow will be likely, especially in the Great Lakes as lake affect snows will continue.

Very cold air will also penetrate portions of the Deep South and southeastern states. Expect much colder than normal temperatures in eastern sections of the Southern Plains, such as into Kansas, Oklahoma and central and eastern Texas.

The colder air will avoid areas west of the Continental Divide into the New Year with temperatures near to above normal in the far western states and the Southwest. The exception will be in the Pacific Northwest where periods of colder and wet weather will be possible.

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