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Date: 8/19/2013

Title: Cool Start, Hot Finish to August

For the first 18 days of August the lower 48 states have seen temperatures average 2.48 F below normal. While temperatures have been above normal from the Pacific Northwest through the Great Basin as well as the far southern plains, the rest of the Continental United States has experienced a cooler than normal August. The core of the coolness has been across the northern plains, Corn Belt, Great Lakes and central plains into the southeast.

However, for the second half of August we will see temperatures flip across the lower 48. Temperatures will really warm up in some of the areas that have been quite cool, notably the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Great Lakes and many areas of the Northeast. While it will not last too long, there will be a heat wave in the nation’s mid section developing this week an into next week.

The warmer temperatures will give a boost to the suffering growing degree day accumulations across the Corn Belt and Northern Plains. Therefore, if you have been wishing for some summer heat, it is on the way for many of you for the last two weeks of August.

What about hurricanes and tropical storms? Will we not see any this season? So far, the tropical season has been very quiet. However, expect that to change as well as we will mostly likely see a big increase tropical activity across the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico after August 25th. So, for you stock growers along the Gulf Coast and east coast be advised that the tropical season may finally kick into gear. This could mean a continuation of wet weather for many areas of the southeast and Gulf Coast states.

While August will end on a very warm note for many areas, don’t expect it to continue deep into September as we expect the first or second week of September will bring cooler temperatures back into the nation’s mid section from the Rockies to the Midwest.


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