yardage - Per-head daily fee charged by the feedlot to the customer owning the cattle.  This fee is usually in addition to the cost of medicine and the feed markup.

yearling - Animals that are approximately 1 year old (usually 12-24 months of age).

yearling weight - Weight when approximately 365 days old.

yearling weight EPD - Estimate of the yearling weight (lb) potential of a bull's progeny compared to progeny from other bulls in the same sire summary.  Positive numbers indicate above-average performance while negative values indicate below-average performance.  See also expected progeny difference (EPD).

yearling weight ratio - Yearling weight of a calf divided by the herd average.  Usually calculated within sex.

yield - See dressing percentage.

yield grades - USDA grades identifying differences in cutability--the boneless, fat trimmed retail cuts from the round, loin, rib, and chuck.

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