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Weather Blog

Date: 8/6/2014

Title: Soil Moisture

We are all well aware of the severe drought in California and other portions of the far west and northwest, however, there have been a few other pockets of dryness across other portions of the U.S. as well.

Thankfully, the other “pockets of dryness” are rather small but a concern for beef producers nonetheless.

The graphic below shows precipitation anomalies as compared to normal values for the past 60 days. Of interest are some dry pockets (brown color) in Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas, southern Indiana and Ohio, parts of Georgia and Alabama and central and eastern South Dakota. While not severe, those areas of dryness have become a little bit of a concern as we head into the final weeks of summer.


Elsewhere, precipitation this summer has been good, with the exceptions listed above.

However, the outlook for the rest of August is looking promising that some of those dry pockets could experience some August rains. 



The graphic above shows the potential for one to more than three inches of rain possible through August 20th over many of the dry pockets in the Midwest and the southeast. A series of small storm systems will move southeast out of Canada over the next couple of weeks bringing occasional rain chances and keeping temperatures a bit below normal to many areas from the Rockies east into the Corn Belt and Great Lakes.

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