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Date: 2/16/2015

Title: Winter to Expand Westward

We have all heard about the brutal cold and snow in New England over the past few weeks as one Arctic blast after another has rolled into the northeastern United States and eastern Canada shattering snowfall and temperature records that have stood for decades.
Over the coming week, the bitter cold and some snow will expand westward into the Great Lakes and Northern Plains. For beef producers in all the Great Lake states and all of the Corn Belt and Upper Midwest, be prepared for severe cold and dangerously cold wind chill values over the next week to ten days as the core of the bitter cold air migrates westward.
The migration westward of the bitter cold air will bring some relief to New England, however, more of the U.S. may be impacted by harsh winter weather in the next two weeks as compared to what we experienced in January and early February.
The very persistent jet stream pattern is beginning to change. The changing jet stream will allow more cold to drop south out of Canada and into the Midwest and western states this week and beyond. This means that stock growers who have enjoyed a prolonged January thaw that has lasted well into February in the western states will soon find that winter is not over.
Beef producers in the Rockies and the adjacent High Plains need to be prepared for a major shift to much colder temperatures and some snow, especially by this weekend and into early next week.
Very cold air will also spread into the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and into the deep south over the next week to ten days. Even places as far south as Georgia and northern Florida could experience freezing temperatures over the next week to ten days.
In addition to the cold spreading west, snow will increase across the intermountain west and will also spread south into the Southern Plains and Southern Rockies, even some snow and ice will fall as far south as Texas and even Louisiana.
Only the far west coast states will avoid the worst of the winter weather over the next one to two weeks.

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