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Date: 3/23/2015

Title: April Will Bring Changes

The cold and winter like weather that has been persistent during the month of March across New England, Great Lakes and some central areas will continue right up until the end of the month.
Before this week is over, Chicago will have received snow as well as other areas of the Great Lakes and New England. At the same time, very mild and dry weather has been stubbornly persistent across California and the Rockies.
As we get April started and deeper into the month, beef producers in the central and western states should be prepared for some of the cold and wet that has been in the eastern and northeastern areas of the country to move westward during the month of April.

The last few days of March and the first week of April will bring unseasonably chilly weather and some rain and snow to the central and eastern states, therefore beef producers in those areas need to exercise more patience as it may feel more like winter than spring for another couple of weeks.
Some colder temperatures, mountain snow wind and some rain and snow showers will finally move into the Rockies and western High Plains this week bringing some welcome precipitation to those areas and bringing some of the coldest temperatures in several weeks to the Rockies and High Plains.
April is likely going to be a wild ride coast to coast, but especially in the central and western areas of the United States as a much more active weather pattern will develop. Beef producers involved in calving operations and other weather sensitive activities should be prepared for an overall change in the weather pattern back to colder and wet conditions at times. April is likely going to be more wet and colder at times in the western High Plains, Rockies and west as compared to what was experienced in most of March.
While it will get colder and more wet in the western states in April, beef producers in east, southeast and northeast may finally get into some spring like and warmer weather the second and third weeks of April.

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