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Weather Blog

Date: 3/30/2015

Title: April Showers and Pattern Reversal

The overall weather pattern that has held for most of the winter is showing signs of breaking down and initiating a pattern reversal across the United States. Beef producers in the coming weeks should be prepared for a much different weather pattern evolving as we head into April.
The severe cold and record snow in the Great Lakes, New England and Mid Atlantic will finally ease and a much warmer weather pattern will bring a big relief to beef producers over the eastern half of the country. The semi-permanent area of low pressure over the eastern part of the United States will turn into an area of high pressure allowing much warmer air to overspread the east and southeast. The high pressure system will also help keep the frequency of cold fronts down across the east.
Therefore, for the long suffering beef producers in the Great Lakes and east expect some relief from the brutal impacts of this past winter.
Farther to the west there is good news and bad news for beef producers as high pressure builds over the eastern portions of the country, low pressure will become more and more prominent in the west, including the west coast, Rockies, Desert Southwest and the western High Plains. All of those areas have been warm and drier than normal for all of March, however, with the pattern going through a reversal, precipitation chances will be increasing across the far west and Rockies along with temperature swings that will increase in frequency.
This is mostly good news. As you can see in the graphic below, the precipitation since the beginning of the water year has been below normal in many areas.



The good news is that needed precipitation will finally arrive in the far west and Rockies and into the western High Plains. Expect to begin seeing the changes really kicking into gear near or just after April 10.
The frequency of severe weather will be increasing as well, beef producers in the southern plains, southeast and Corn Belt should be prepared for an increasing threat for a higher occurrence of severe thunderstorms and tornado activity in the coming weeks.


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