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Weather Blog

Date: 5/11/2015

Title: Wet May Weather Will Continue

The month of May has started off very wet in many areas of the lower 48 states, especially in areas that have recently experienced drier than normal conditions over the winter season.

The rains (and some snows) brought beneficial precipitation to many areas that needed it. In some areas of the Rockies and High Plains, accumulated precipitation has already surpassed the average total precipitation for May.

As you can see below, many areas exceeded one inch precipitation will many areas receiving 1.5 to over 6 inches of precipitation. Even a few areas of southern Oklahoma and far north Texas received pockets of more than 10 inches of rain.


The Front Range and plains of eastern Colorado into western Kansas was a big winner this past week. All of Wyoming, South and North Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma were also big winners of 1 to 5 inches of precipitation. Even far southern California picked up some May rain this past week.

The graphic below shows the percentage of normal precipitation that has fallen between May 1 to May 11.


One area of the United States that is in a dry spell is the southeastern portions of the country. A warmer and drier trend has moved into the Gulf Coast, especially Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. 

We are expecting the current weather trends to continue for at least the next two weeks. More wet weather is likely for the Rockies, Great Basin, northern, central and southern plains. Even portions of central and southern California will have some rain chances. Rain will also be likely across the western Corn Belt while it will continue to be drier than normal in the southeast.

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