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Weather Blog

Date: 6/8/2015

Title: Desert Southwest Rains

Over the course of this month and into July and August we are likely going to experience episodes of wet weather over the Desert Southwest as well as portions of the central and southern Rockies. We can thank warmer than normal water temperatures off the west coast of Mexico stretching north all the way to the Gulf of Alaska.
The map below highlights the warmer than normal sea surface temperatures. These warm waters will make for a busy season of tropical storms and hurricanes in the eastern Pacific. 



It has already been a busy early season for tropical activity. Tropical storm Blanca will be moving into Mexico this week. As Blanca weakens and drifts north, the remnants of storm will move into far southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah as well as far north as Wyoming and Colorado. Shower and thunderstorm activity in the above mentioned states will increase later this week.

A similar pattern developed last summer and we will likely have more tropical storms and hurricanes this season across the eastern Pacific. Therefore, beef producers in the Desert Southwest and central and southern Rockies should be ready for more wet this summer.
The warmer than normal water temperatures will make it easier for tropical activity in the eastern Pacific. We will likely see several tropical storms and hurricanes develop off the west coast of Mexico and those storms will drift north along Baja and western areas of Mexico.
Although the past week has brought some needed dry weather to Texas and the Southern Plains, there will likely be more episodes of wet weather as well later this month and into July.
Hopefully, the tropical moisture streaming into the western and southwestern states will not bring any more flash flooding, however, will be a concern as many rivers, creeks and streams are still swollen from recent rains and melting snowpack.

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