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Date: 6/29/2015

Title: Cool July On the Way

Hot temperatures have been the rule over many areas of the far west, northwest and east over the past few weeks as June is ending on a warm note for many in those areas. However, while the heat will remain in the far west and east coast in July, the nation’s midsection is headed for a cool and possibly wetter than normal July.
Warmer than normal water temperatures in the Pacific will help maintain heat in Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon and portions of the Desert Southwest. High pressure will be favored over the southeastern U.S. and this will be lead to warmer than normal temperatures and a hot July in some of the southeastern states.

The outlook for July temperatures is shown below.



In the nation’s midsection and east slopes of the Rockies, there will be a wedge of cooler than normal conditions across the central and southern Rockies and into the Southern Plains stretching northward across the western High Plains and north into the western Dakotas. This area will likely experience a cool and wetter than normal July.
Rainfall will likely be enhanced in July across the central and southern Rockies and across the Southern Plains as well as into the western Corn Belt and across many central states.
The enhanced rainfall will be partly due to a very active thunderstorm pattern across the Desert Southwest.  Heavy thunderstorm activity can be expected in July across New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota. Also of interest will be possibility of increased tropical storm and hurricane activity in the eastern Pacific.
There could be quite a bit of heavy thunderstorm activity in July and perhaps early August across the Desert Southwest, central and southern Rockies and central and southern High Plains.
Beef producers along the west coast and Pacific Northwest should be ready for more hot temperatures July as well as portions of the southeastern USA.  In the nation’s midsection and Rockies, be ready for a relatively cool July.

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