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Weather Blog

Date: 7/6/2015

Title: Active Pacific Ocean

The Pacific will be getting very active in the coming weeks with developing tropical storm and hurricane activity. Over the coming days and weeks, this increase in stormy weather across the Pacific will result in some changes across the far west and southwest U.S.

The increase in stormy weather is the result of warm waters in the subtropical Pacific. The developing El Nino will help enhance thunderstorm activity, first  in the west and southwest Pacific then this activity will spread eastward in the coming weeks.

The graphic below highlights the heat content in the Pacific Ocean. The area of enhanced heat content will help in the development of stormy weather.


The highest heat content is southern and southwest Pacific. This area will be a breeding ground for tropical storm and hurricane activity. Hawaii might even see some tropical storm/hurricane activity coming close in the coming week.

As July rolls on, expect the tropical activity to spread east, impacting western Mexico with some remnants of the storminess bringing increased rains to the Desert Southwest and the central and southern Rockies.

There may even be some increased rain in some areas of the far west, including California. Central and northern California may see some rare July rain and thunderstorm activity this week.

The active Pacific is a harbinger of more unsettled weather coming to the far western and southwestern U.S during the second half of 2015. The activity is yet another sign that wet and unsettled weather for the drought parched states in the far west may be on the way this fall and early winter.


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