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Date: 7/28/2015

Title: Early August Outlook

July 2015 will likely enter the record books as one of the cooler months in years for many beef producers across the United States. While there has been July heat in the far west and far east and southeast, most of the rest of the country had a relatively cool and moist July.
The map below shows total rainfall across the lower 48 states from July 1 through July 26. As you can see in the map below, only portions of the far west and northwest along with central and eastern Texas have had a dry July.


While the rainfall has been a headache at times for corn and wheat producers, the cooler and wet July has helped many a hay producer with less irrigation costs and work. Even Southern California has received above rainfall normal this month.
The soil moisture profile continues to show improvement in many areas, with the exception of the far northwest and Northern Rockies.



All indications suggest that the start of August will be quite similar to what we experienced in July.  Although there has been a spike in temperatures over the past week in many areas of the United States, expect the last days of July and the first two weeks of August to be cooler than normal in many areas.  
Beef producers from the Rockies and points east into the plains, Corn Belt and Great Lakes will see temperatures taking a dip. Some of the hot, dog days of summer in early August may not come to fruition.  Only a few areas in the far northwest and west will temperatures be consistently hot during the first half of August.
The first two weeks of August will feature a broad trough of low pressure over the central USA, this will keep the door open to Canada, allowing cool surges to frequently visit the lower 48 states during first half of August.

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