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Weather Blog

Date: 8/24/2015

Title: Summer Winding Down

The last full week of August is upon us and the days are getting shorter and the nights are longer. Fall is just around the corner. As we look ahead into the month of September we are not expecting any big changes. Overall the weather is looking favorable for crops in the Corn Belt and Midwest to reach maturity with September warmth likely to help finish out the corn and soybean crops along with just the right amount of late season rainfall to result in another bumper crop in the Corn Belt and Midwest this year.

Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest will continue to be warmer than normal into early September before relief is on the way after the 10th of the month. Hopefully, some mid-September rain will help with the forest fires plaguing the northwest and northern Rockies. The smoky conditions will continue for beef producers in the Pacific Northwest and central and northern Rockies  into the first half of the month.

The graphic below highlights the fire potential heading into September. The Pacific Northwest and California remain under the gun.


The forecast for October & November shows improvement in wildland fire potential as the seasons change to cooler and wet in many areas. With the exception of the southern areas of California. Rain chances will increase across the southern and southeast areas of the U.S. in October and November.



Rangeland conditions will likely remain steady from where they are now as we head into September for most of the lower 48 states over the coming weeks. Any impacts from El Nino will likely wait until late November or December before kicking in.


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