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Weather Blog

Date: 9/8/2015

Title: Tropical Activity Heating Up

Although the lower 48 states have not had much tropical storm and hurricane activity this year, we are expecting that September could be a busy month as both the Pacific and the Atlantic are showing signs of increased activity.

While tropical storm and hurricane activity usually misses most of the key beef producing regions of the United States, there may be some impacts for beef producers in the southwest and southeastern states in the coming weeks. 

Let’s take a look at the eastern Pacific first. Hurricane Linda is likely going to intensify over the coming days off the west coast of Mexico and drift northwestward over the coming days.

Most forecasts keep the hurricane over open waters, however, there will be some tropical moisture reaching southern California and Arizona this week resulting in some chances for showers and thunderstorms in southern California and southern Arizona. The satellite image below shows Linda well formed off the west coast of Mexico.


Beef producers in California and Arizona should keep an eye on Linda this week. Ironically, there was a Hurricane Linda in almost the same place at the same date range in 1997 (a category 5 hurricane). Interestingly, 1997 was a the start of a strong El Nino, much like what we are going to experience for the rest of 2015 and into early 2016.

Turning our attention to the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico we see some potential for developing tropical storm and hurricane activity in the coming weeks. The image below shows some areas of development.



We are closely watching the Gulf of Mexico (yellow X) and in the southwest Atlantic (orange X). Both regions could see increased development over the next week to ten days. Beef producers in the Gulf of Mexico region as well as the southeastern states should keep an eye on tropical weather development.


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