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Weather Blog

Date: 9/21/2015

Title: Big Rain in the Desert Southwest and Portions of the Midwest this Week

There will be some significant rain hitting the Desert Southwest this week as a plume of subtropical moisture will be moving in from Mexico and into the southwestern states early this week.
Heavy rainfall can be expected through Tuesday across Arizona, portions of southeast California and New Mexico. Heavy rains may also fall in portions of Utah and Colorado as well. The graphic below shows the potential rainfall in the southwestern states. The potential for flash flooding is high again this week in many areas of the Desert Southwest and Southern Rockies. 

As the moisture plume progresses to the northeast, significant shower and thunderstorm activity will develop across portions of the Midwest and western Corn Belt by midweek as you can see in the forecast map below.

For the rest of the nation this week, temperatures will be pretty warm with another area of heavier rainfall expected in the southeastern well as areas along the Gulf Coast, especially the eastern Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. The Pacific Northwest will also benefit from increased rain chances over the next week or two.


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