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Weather Blog

Date: 11/9/2015

Title: November So Far

To date, November has been pretty mild across the central and eastern U.S. Temperatures have been well above normal for most of the nation with the exception of the far west and southwest where storms have kept temperatures cooler.
From the Great Plains all the way to the east coast, November has started off very mild with the warmest temperatures in the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic states.  Out west, temperatures have been cooler than normal in Desert Southwest, California and portions of the Pacific Northwest. Along with those cooler temperatures there has been some much needed rain for many areas of central and northern California as well as portions of the Desert Southwest. Snowfall has been heavy so far in November over the central and northern Sierras and we expect that trend to continue.
The graphic below highlights the precipitation that has fallen since November 1. As you can see the wet weather persists in the southeastern states with a nice swath of rain and mountain snows in the far west, especially the Pacific Northwest and California.  Notice the heavy precipitation in Sierras and the Cascades. Portions of the Colorado Rockies have picked up some nice early season snows. 


All indications suggest that the trends experienced during the first ten days of November will continue into the next week to ten days. There will be more mountain snow and lower elevation rains across the western states and the western plains. There will be colder temperatures and some rain/snow in the upper Great Lakes later this week.
By the second half of November, the colder and wet weather in the west will expand eastward into the central and eastern areas of the U.S.
Therefore, despite the warm start for many stock growers in the central and eastern states, expect colder temperatures and better rain/snow chances during the last half of November, especially by Thanksgiving week and into early December.


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