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Weather Blog

Date: 11/30/2015

Title: Snow Cover Increasing

The recent spell of colder weather over the past two weeks has resulted in a big increase in snow cover across the nation and across many areas of the northern hemisphere. The turn to cold and snowy weather has many beef producers checking their hay supplies.
The cold and snow invaded many areas of the west and plains as well as portions of the Great Lakes. Freezing temperatures even moved into the California wine country over Thanksgiving week and weekend with significant snows in the western mountains.
The chart below shows snow cover across the nation as of November 29. Snow cover is the most extensive in the central and northern Rockies as well as portions of the central and southern plains with decent snow cover as far south as Texas and New Mexico. Of interest, is the lack of snow cover across New England and east where a mostly mild November has been observed.



 The graphic below shows the extent of snow cover a year ago (November 30, 2014).


There was much less snow cover across the nation a year ago with most of the snow at this time last year across the northern states as well as a widespread snow cover across New England and Appalachia. 

As we head into December, all indications suggest that unsettled winter weather is likely to continue, especially in across the central and southern areas of the nation. Snow may penetrate far to the south along with rain/ice in some southern areas. Stock growers should continue to expect episodes of harsh winter weather conditions through the month of December.



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