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Weather Blog

Date: 3/31/2017

Title: Springtime in the Rockies

Late last week a strong spring storm brought high winds, rain and snow to many areas of the Central High Plains that was suffering from very dry conditions. Some locations in eastern Colorado received over 2 inches of badly needed precipitation as well as many areas with over an inch of rain in Kansas and Nebraska.

Needed rains also moved eastward into Missouri and portions of the Corn Belt. However, with the good came some bad as blizzard conditions were very hard on livestock over portions of east central Colorado as heavy snows and 50+mph winds were reported last Friday.

This week and next week could be as stormy with two large storm systems passing through the Rockies and plains. Needed rain is likely over southern Colorado, Kansas, portions of Oklahoma and Texas.  Spring snows will also fall in the higher elevations of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Portions of New Mexico that are very dry will likely receive more rain and high mountain snow.

The Pacific Northwest and portions of Northern and Central California will also receive more rain and high Sierra snow.

Even without the expected increase in rain and snow out west, the forecasted spring runoff as of March 1 looks very promising.

The blue, purple and green  dots highlights runoff that will be at or above normal while the yellow, orange and red dots (there are only a few) highlight below normal expected runoff this spring and early summer.

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