Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 4/10/2017

Title: Feeling Like Spring

The weather seems to change every other day, there mild days and cold days and wind is blowing a lot for many across the nation, spring must be in the air!

So far, April has been a typical month weather wise as up and down temperatures, rain, snow, wind and severe weather have all been observed so far across the lower 48 states and very snowy for portions of Alaska as well.

April has been wet so far for many areas that needed precipitation. The graphic below shows the nice precipitation amounts in southeastern Colorado and many areas of Kansas and Oklahoma and Texas. Much needed rain also moved into Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and eastern Iowa. The Pacific Northwest and Central and Northern California continued their wet weather as well.

The precipitation in the far west has been incredible so far this water season, especially in drought ravaged California. We are only one inch away from an all-time record wet season in the Northern Sierra. The record was set in the rain season of 1982/1983. The graph below shows the Northern Sierra is only one or two storms away from a record season.


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