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Weather Blog

Date: 5/2/2017

Title: April Ends Wet in the West and Central U.S.

The month of April ended cool and wet in many areas across the USA. The coolest and most wet areas were found in the central west-central and some western states. After a relatively dry and mild March in the central portions of the USA, April reversed that trend.

The graphic below shows heavy precipitation was focused on two areas in particular. Look for areas of purple and light gray. Those areas received as much as 5 inches to 25 inches of precipitation in April The Pacific Northwest states of Washing and Oregon as well as central and northern California once again had another month of wet weather. In fact, record precipitation and snowpack was reported in those areas in April. Some areas that were quite dry (such as Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma) at the end of March received much above precipitation in April.


The Desert Southwest had a very dry April as well as some areas of the far east, southeast and North Dakota.

Overall April was a warm month for a large part of the nation, especially from the Corn Belt to the East Coast and southeast states. The coolest temperatures in April were centered on the Pacific Northwest and portions of the Central and Northern Rockies.

Expect some of the same trends we experienced in April to continue into May, especially with more wet weather expected in many areas of the central and west.


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