Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 5/9/2017

Title: Drought Status Across the USA

The graphic below highlights the current drought condition status across the United States as of last week (May 2).

The level of drought is at a very low level as we head into late spring and early summer. It is a remarkable turn of events in regards to where were a year ago.

The only area of extreme drought as of this most recent update is located in central Florida and only a few small areas of moderate drought are found in the southeast and portions of the Desert Southwest. Elsewhere, soil moisture conditions are in great shape.

The graphic below shows the drought status as a year ago. In early May 2016, severe drought conditions had a strong grip on many areas of the far west and southwest. However, in the past year, recent rain and snow in the far west have almost eliminated drought conditions in many areas.

As we head into late spring and early summer we will be keeping a close eye on the southeastern states (including Florida) for any further drought development, otherwise most of the nation is headed into the summer season in good shape.


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