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Weather Blog

Date: 5/15/2017

Title: Snow in May

It does not happen a lot, but snow in May happens more often than many think. Just ask the folks in New England who were treated with some Mother’s Day weekend cold and snow.
While the New England snow will quickly melt as warmer temperatures return, beef producers in the far west and Rockies should be prepared for one last chance for seeing the white stuff before summer kicks into gear.

Stock growers in the Rockies and adjacent High Plains should be ready for a spell of cold and wet weather by the middle of this week, with cooler than normal conditions well into early next week. It has already been a very tough spring in portions of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma areas with the big snowstorm in late April.

While those areas affect by the April storm will mostly dodge this next event, producers in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska and the Dakotas should be ready for stressful weather, especially on newborns.

By Wednesday through Friday, expect temperatures to drop as much as 30 to 40 degrees with rain and wet snow likely in many areas. Snow levels are expected to be as low as 5000 to 6000 feet in portions of Wyoming and Colorado (and perhaps western Nebraska) by late Wednesday and lasting into Friday. The big drop in temperatures and wet conditions will be hard on newborns in the above mentioned areas.

The most stressful weather conditions for livestock interests will be late Wednesday night, Thursday, Thursday night and Friday. Clearing but cool conditions are coming for the weekend.

While there have periods of almost summer like weather conditions this spring across the west, be prepared for one more blast of cold and wet before we can get into an early summer weather pattern across the USA.


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