Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 6/19/2017

Title: Summer Heat Building

So far the month of June has been warm in the Northern and Central Plains as well as portions of the Rockies and Desert Southwest. However, the far east and the far west have been cooler relative to normal.

There have been some episodes of hot temperatures this month, however, no area of the nation has had anything resembling a heat wave yet. In the coming week, however, this will likely change as some very hot temperatures will be developing in some areas.

Some very hot weather will be developing in California and the Desert Southwest this week and next. The heat in the far west will begin to spread east into the Central and Southern Rockies and portions of the Southern Plains.

The heat, however, may have a hard time spreading east into the Corn Belt and eastern areas of the nation. Therefore, at least for the last week of June, any heat wave will be contained to California and the Desert Southwest. Beef producers in California and far Desert Southwest should be ready for extreme heat in the coming weeks.


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