Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 8/7/2017

Title: A Week of Big Contrasts

Last week we talked about a cool August is on tap for most of the nation from the Rockies and points east. Based on current trends the forecast of cool conditions in August for most of the nation remains on schedule.

However, if we look in the far western states we see an opposite trend as unseasonably hot weather which developed in the far west and Pacific Northwest over the past two weeks will persist. It is likely in the next week or two that the weather will be “stuck in gear.” Record temperatures have been posted in Washington and Oregon over the past week with temperatures in Portland soaring into the 100s.

The recent heat has resulted in increased dryness and some drought conditions in the Northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. Wildland fires have also increased in western Canada and the Pacific Northwest and Rockies over the past two weeks.


High pressure will remain locked over the far west allowing the jet stream to dip south into the central USA which will leave the door open to allow cooler air in central Canada to head south into the nation’s midsection. The end result will be very warm temperatures in the far west and northwest with much below normal temperatures in the central and east.


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