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Weather Blog

Date: 9/5/2017

Title: Up Next - Irma

As cleanup from Hurricane Harvey continues in Texas and Louisiana we are closely monitoring Hurricane Irma in the Atlantic.

After going over 12 years without a Category 3 or stronger hurricane reaching the USA, Harvey broke that hurricane drought and not it appears the second Category 3 or stronger hurricane will reach the southeastern USA within just two weeks of Harvey.

Early Tuesday morning, Irma became a Category 5 hurricane with wind gusts measure in excess of 200 mph! The current trajectory takes Irma to the west towards the southeastern states by the end of the week and into the weekend.

The chart below shows the project tracks of Irma over the next few days. How much land Irma crosses will be critical in regards to how much strength it maintains as it heads to the southeastern states. The more land/islands the hurricane crosses the weaker Irma will be. Conversely, the more it stays over open water the stronger it will be.

Below is variety of different model scenarios of where Irma will track. As you can see, Florida is under the gun to get Irma straight on. However, it is also possible it could make landfall as far west as Alabama and as far east as the Carolinas.

More certainty on the track will come in the following days. In the meantime beef producers from Alabama to Florida to Georgia to the Carolinas need to be prepared for the high probability for hurricane/tropical storm conditions by this weekend and into early next week.


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