Weather Blog

Weather Blog

Date: 9/25/2017

Title: Autumn is Here

Fall officially arrived last Friday and right on cue the weather pattern changed in many areas to a colder and wet weather pattern. A deep Pacific storm system moved southeast out of the Pacific and into the Northern and Central Rockies this past weekend.

While the cold and wet weather put a damper on many with plans for outdoor activities, some beneficial rain and mountain snow hit many areas of the central and west. Rainfall was heavy in many areas of Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas. Portions of central and southwest Nebraska received as much as 2 to 4 inches of rain with areas of eastern Colorado and far west Kansas receiving over 1 to 2 inches of rain.

The very active wildfire season in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon was significantly diminished this past weekend with the rain and in many mountain areas, heavy snowfall.

The graphic below shows the big change in the western states over the past week.

In the coming days, the colder air will spread more to the east and will impact the central and eastern states.

As we head into the last days of September and into early October the trend for up and down temperatures and cooler weather will continue.

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Mark Spurgin
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