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Weather Blog

Date: 11/6/2017

Title: Drought Status Update

The graphic below highlights the current drought situation across the nation. The hardest hit areas remain in portions of Montana and the Dakotas where the dry conditions this summer have continued into the fall season. East central and northeastern Montana (as well as southern Alberta and portions of Manitoba) are the driest areas in Northern America.

Elsewhere across the USA, while there are pockets of dryness, those pockets are only listed as Moderate Drought or Abnormally Dry areas.

As we go through the month of November and into early winter there is some hope for portions of the Northern Plains and Rockies (especially the Dakotas and Montana) in regards to getting some increased precipitation, in the form of snow as a strengthening La Nina pattern could increase the frequency of precipitation events over the next several weeks. While the amounts of precipitation may not erase the drought conditions, there should be some help on the way.

We are expecting the dry areas in the Desert Southwest and Southern California to remain, at least through November. The pockets of dryness remaining elsewhere in Missouri and Arkansas will likely remain with a little relief in November and December.

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